Dean Tollis, pranic healerLicensed Instructor and Advanced Pranic Healer

Dean has spent many years in business working for multi national and successfully running his own small business. With a background in Finance and Economics Dean has carefully explored Pranic Healing and now with many experiences behind him confidently goes about sharing this ancient wisdom with the public. In the first hour of the Basic Pranic Healing course Dean will have you feeling and seeing energy. You will also learn to see the aura around a human or a tree.

From the beginning to end of all workshops Dean will have you testing and validating all concepts put forward. Dean’s passion for your success and easy teaching style will allow even the most skeptical person to gain amazing experiences in any of the courses he delivers.

Dean has personally trained with Master Choa Kok Sui, Acharya Danny Gorgonia, Master Nona Castro and Acharya Hector Ramos. He has trained further in Italy, India and also in Manila. Dean practises Arhatic Yoga and regulary offers Free Healing clinics to the public.

He is available for limited private appointments and bookings can be made by calling 1300 767 849

Dean and wife Sandy have been awarded direct licences to teach MCKS Pranic Healing in Australia from the governing body of Pranic Healing globally the Institute for Inner Studies, Manila, Phillipines.